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Roby slammed his room’s door. He leaned against the wall, his heart racing. His first day home, and already it had started, he thought. One looks at his mother, breastfeeding his new sister, had been enough to bring all the powerful feelings back. He came home for a month. His school closed for one month. But, his visions of Kakima (Aunty) were not dulled by distance. They were so real.

He closed his eyes and let his head bump back against the wall. The arousal he had endured, through stolen glances at Kakima (Aunty) as she breastfed her newborn son, would continue. But now, his summer torture would be at the hands of his own mother. He wondered what offense he had committed against the fates. Why did he long to touch what could not be touched, to taste such forbidden nectar? Soft knocking on the door brought him back to the moment. “Roby, Are you upset, my son. Please open the door. Talk to me.”

He turned and grasped the doorknob. He willed his body to relax, to assume a calm exterior. Roby cherished his mother, Joly. She had always been his buffer between him and his father who ruled him, and his house, with an iron will. Roby looked into his mother’s dark eyes. Like so many thousands of times before, he was taken with her beauty. She was just a bit shorter than Roby’s five foot, eight inch height. Her dark hair, falling in gentle curls to frame her soft features. Her body, under the loose wraps of her black colored sari, was the epitome of the female form.

“Here, I made you tea. Sit and drink. Calm yourself. When you are ready, come up to my room. We can sit and talk. The light there, this time of the afternoon, is so peaceful.”

He took the delicate cup from his mother’s hand. “I am calm now, mother. I will follow you.”

They made their way through the hall to the stairs. Roby fell back a few steps to allow his mother to lead the way. As they climbed, he couldn’t help but take in the beautiful flow of her movements. The sari is such an amazing garment, he thought. Wrapped loosely on a mature woman, her physical charms were hinted and teased at, rather than brazenly displayed. They stepped into the three room suite that took up almost the entire upstairs portion of the house. The first room had a long couch and two comfortable chairs arranged around a low table. Three narrow windows, extending almost floor to ceiling, were covered by dark red drapes. Sun shining from the west gave the room a muted, rosy hue.

“Are we alone, mother?”

She turned to him and motioned toward one of the soft chairs. “Your father is at his new store. We will not see them until late, I think. And, little Niru is sleeping.”

Roby sat, careful not to spill his tea. “My new sister is a beautiful child. She seems to be a happy little one.”

Joly sat gracefully in the other chair and smiled. “She is a joy to me. I know you were surprised when I told you I was with child again. With you grown, you must have wondered what we were thinking.”

Roby nodded. “I confess, I engaged in some speculation.”

They laughed together, breaking the tension that had built up between them. Their conversation flowed after that. Roby brought his mother up to date on his experiences at school. Joly shared family news from the months just passed. A half hour flew by as mother and son renewed their shared love and mutual respect.

Joly poured tea for both of them. Her manner turned serious. “My son, I sense sadness in you. What is troubling you?”

Roby picked up his cup, hesitating as he tried to gather his thoughts. “You know me well, mother. I am not sure I can share my troubles.”

“I saw the look on your face when you saw little Niru suckling my breast. I saw your pain. Can it be feelings of jealousy are filling your heart?”

Roby shook his head. “No, no, mother. Seeing you and Niru is such a beautiful thing. I love my little sister. She will always have my affection and a big brother to help her any way I can.”

“What then, my son? Why did that sight cause you such pain?”

He knew his only option was the complete truth. His mother would see right through any attempt at subterfuge. She would conclude that he was indeed, jealous. And that would trouble her every time they were together. Roby sighed and stared down into his cup. “I fear I have been bewitched, mother. A woman, totally unavailable to me, has captured my thoughts in ways I never believed possible.”

“This woman, she rejects you because of our race?”

“No, mother, nothing likes that. She is married and has a child just a month older than Niru.”

“How could a woman in such a position bewitch you? I don’t understand.”

Roby leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. “I must tell you the whole story, mother. I pray you can help me. I need your wisdom.”

Of course, please tell me everything. I want to hear about this woman who troubles your mind. Roby nodded and said, “She is my best friend’s mother. I went to my friend’s apartment twice a week for group study. They have very small apartment.

“While I study with Jony, my friend, she is there. She nurses her baby right there in front of us. I confess, watching her quickly became a fascination for me. At other times, those mental images of her breastfeeding have occupied my mind.”

Joly asked, “Does she show her breasts while she does this?”

Roby considered for a moment. “She is a very open, friendly person. I don’t think she realized the effect she had on me at first.”

“But, later?”

“As time went on, I think, yes, I’m sure she knew very well what she was doing. It became a sort of game between us. She enjoyed teasing me. I’m sure it became a sexual thrill for her.”

Joly busied herself by pouring more tea. “And what of her son. Did he realize what was going on? Did he fight with you, to defend his mother?”

“He pretended not to notice at first. Then, I think he came to enjoy some kind of thrill out of my watching. He enjoyed the fact that I was seeing his mother’s large breasts in their naked glory.

Joly shook her head slowly. “I have a hard time understanding that. I believe you, Roby. But, I don’t understand it. Tell me what exactly went on when you visited their home.”

“I think she waited for me to arrive. When I walked in, Kakima’s (Aunty) breasts were usually straining against whatever she was wearing. Many times I would see where her milk had leaked, and caused dark circles where her nipples pressed again the material.”

“Jony and I sat at their kitchen table. Kakima (Aunty) sat in their big chair. I had only to glance up to see her, not ten feet away. When we got started into the books, she would gather up her son and started her baby’s feeding. At first, after adjusting her sari she would just unbutton her blouse from the bottom, lifted her bra and started to feed her baby. All these times I was trying to see her breast and I got a glimpse. After the feeding was over I got another glimpse of her breast along with the turgid nipples when she removed the sleeping baby and laid her down. Next week, when Kakima (Aunty) lifted her baby to her lap. I was looking at her actions intently when suddenly she looked me in the eyes and smiled to herself while she opened her blouse, freed one of her breast from the bra and started to feed the baby. The process was slow unlike the other day when she did it hurriedly and I caught quite a nice look at her breast, which was swollen with the dark brown aureoles and thick elongated nipples. After some days she started freed both her breasts from her blouse and bra and didn’t cover her breasts with the sari at all.”

He stopped talking as he saw his Mother’s eyebrows rise. “She sat with her breasts exposed to your eyes?”

“Yes, and I abandoned my attempts at pretending not to watch. I stared openly, right in front of Jony. We didn’t get much done on the study. I watched her little boy drain whichever breast she offered him first. It was fascinating to look at the breast he was not feeding from. It swelled and the nipple became red and swollen too. I could see droplets of milk form on the little bumps of her large areolas. A large drop would usually form at the tip of her thick nipple and just hang there, suspended. Kakima (Aunty) would meet my eyes once in a while. Sometimes, she would wink at me. Most times she just smiled.”

Joly shifted in her chair. She put her arms under her own swollen, big and heavy milk filled breasts and lifted them with her forearms. Roby leaned forward and crossed his arms, resting forearms near his knees. Describing an encounter with Kakima (Aunty) had caused his cock to grow hard. He tried to hide the tent he had made in the front of his pants from his mother.

Joly said, “There can be no doubt, my son. This woman was using you for her own pleasure. Can I ask what effect her willful behavior had on you?”

Roby chuckled, grateful for the little break in the tension he was feeling. “I sought out the only remedy at hand.”

Joly laughed first, quickly joined by her son. Roby wanted to leap up and hug her. Once again she had become his shelter from the things that troubled his mind. For all his pretensions of maturity, he was still his mother’s little boy. Her gentle manner and ability to listen and understand him were the perfect medicine for his ill mind.

“What were your feelings when you watched, Roby? What was the depth of your desires then?”

Roby didn’t hesitate. “I wanted to go to her. I wanted to drop to my knees and take that swollen red nipple between my lips. I wanted to taste her nectar and drain that plump breast until she begged me to stop. And then I wanted to take her to the bed. I wanted to strip her naked and lay her out with her legs spread. I wanted to bury my root between her legs and just have her. I wouldn’t have even cared if her son watched. I would have loved her with more power than she had ever seen.”

Joly had sat quietly, letting her son give voice to his frustration. She felt the heat that had risen inside her, as she had listened. A solution passed through her mind, not for the first time that afternoon. She stood on trembling knees and looked down at her son.

“Try to calm yourself, Roby. I must leave you for a minute.”

Roby nodded. He watched her walk into the next room, the bed chamber she shared with his father. He sat back, aware of the weight that had been lifted from his clouded mind. His sexual tension was still very much there. But, it had become a manageable ache. Something to be dealt with later.

He was jolted from his introspection as he heard, “Roby, come to me, my son.”

Without thinking he stood, arranging his manhood for comfort. He stepped to the doorway and stopped. Joly was on the big bed, sitting with Niru, her sari loosely covering her big breasts. “Come and sit with me, Roby. Now I am going to feed Niru. See closely. Also if you want you can touch them.”

She just dropped her sari pallu. She wore a white blouse and her full breasts jutted out prominently, her cleavage quite visible over the low neckline.

Niru was mewling, her tiny face puckered and her mouth seeking upwards towards the firm breasts it rested beneath, her tiny hands touching the full mounds and trying to grasp them. Roby watched in anticipation as the neckline of his mother's blouse was pulled awry and the tops of her breasts uncovered by the baby's groupings. Joly laid Niru in her lap and began unbuttoning her blouse with trembling fingers. She hadn't bothered to put her bra on, it was easy to feed. She felt the white material was wet she had started leaking as soon as she had picked Niru up, as usual. She unbuttoned her blouse all the way down then pulled it back from her breasts.

"Oh my god!" Roby whispered. "You've got the most beautiful breasts, Mother!" He looked at his mother’s breasts and had a good feeling inside him.

"You’re better than Kakima (Aunty). You're leaking already, mother," Roby said, pointing to her near breast where white droplets of fluid beaded around her large nipple.

"Wow!" Roby exclaimed, leaning forward to look at her. "So that's how it comes out. Mother, your nipples are as beautiful as your tits, too," he added.

Joly blushed as she brought Niru up to the breast nearest Roby. She shivered as the baby latched on to her nipple, sucking greedily as her milk flowed. Her breasts were rounded and firm, jutting out from her chest. There was a tracery of faint bluish veins underneath her smooth skin, leading towards her puffy, large pinkish-brown aureoles with their bright pink nipples.

Roby remembered his mother told him if he wants, he can touches her. So, he put his hand over the bulge of her breast above Niru's head. Niru had ceased her greedy guzzling and was now steadily sucking on her nipple and Joly felt the familiar stirring of desire from the baby's suckling. The room was quiet except for Roby’s heavy breathing and the occasional snorts from the baby. Joly relaxed, letting the feelings of love, motherhood and desire flow through her. He was gently caressing over the upper bulge of her right breast, his hand just brushing against Niru's cheek as he came closer and closer to her nipple. His touché was becoming more sexual; she realized and felt her body stirring in response deep inside. Her groin felt moist and hot and she was aware she was getting turned on by her son. She knew she should stand up now and leave the room and end it; but her body told her to just enjoy it. So, instead of leaving, she transferred Niru to her other breast, exposing her right breast fully to Roby's sight and touch. As though this was her sign of enjoyment, Roby cupped her breast in his hand and ran his thumb over her moist nipple. Milk still seeped from it and the boy seemed fascinated.

"Does it feel nice? Mother" Roby asked Joly, his eyes looking up innocently at her, a slight little smile on his full lips.

"What?" she replied, smiling back at him? "You are touching me or Niru’s suckling?"

He took hold of her nipple between his thumb and finger, his eyes locked on her's. "Me touching you will do," he responded, squeezing her nipple and causing Joly to draw breath as a tingle rippled down to her groin. "But I meant does it feel nice when your milk comes out?"

Joly could only nod.

Niru was asleep at her breast, her mouth around, but not touching, her nipple. But she didn't want to stop it. Not now.

"Please put Niru back in her cot, Roby, she is sleeping now." Joly said, "Then if you like you can play some more.”

Roby took Niru from her and placed her in cradle in the nursery. He wrapped her tight in the knit blanket. Joly was still sitting in the bed when he returned. He noticed that her blouse was still unbuttoned and his mother's bare breast was still hanging out. He could see that it was heavy with milk. Since he moved the baby he now noticed that the front of her blouse was soaked. He hesitated only for a moment before resuming his seat beside his mother. Roby's heart pounded as he took hold of his mother's breasts. He weighed her breasts on his hand, her firm roundness heavy and warm. His thumb grazed her nipple and she moaned softly. Her breasts still leaked milk and Roby smeared it over them. The more he stimulated her nipples, the more her milk flowed. He was very experienced, she realized and wondered fleetingly where he had learned, his hands stroking both of her breasts and teased and kneaded her firm flesh roughly, his fingers kneading the spongy mound and being wet by her still trickling milk.

He manipulated her nipples and fondled her breasts in a way that aroused her sexually and her pussy was getting quite wet and heated between her clenched thighs. On the other hand Roby’s manhood rose to rock hardness, pressure building deep inside his loins. He was fondling his mother’s breast like dough. The electric numbness built to the breaking point. Roby knew his explosion was at hand. The first spurt inside his pants confirmed it. The next spurt was pure release. Touched only by the confines of his clothes, his orgasm went on and on.

"Oh, Roby….." She also was moaning loudly. His mother's body was jack-knifing now as she moaned. She was also Cumming.

The tension finally eased. He looked at his mother and felt embarrassed and guilty. But she only smiled back sweetly at him. Her mother's breasts were wet with milk as was the rest of her front. He was a mess himself, with milk, with his mother's milk. His shirt was also soaked with milk. The bed cover also soaked with milk. Roby looked up into his mother’s eyes and said, “I cannot tell you what exquisite pleasure that was for me, my mother. I love you more than life itself.”

Joly put her finger to his lips. “Shush with such talk, Roby. The pleasure was mine too. Now can you give me some privacy while I clean up?"

"Uh, sure, Mother." said slowly. He lifted himself awkwardly off the bed.

"And clean yourself, too". He looked backed at his mother still sitting half- naked on the bed. She gave him a wink, which made tingles travel down his spine.

He closed his mother's door behind him; and now felt very alone and confused. He liked his mother’s breasts very much. He wanted to touch them again. He also wanted to drink her milk. It was happened so quickly he could not drink. But he wanted. But, did his mother really come? He didn't have enough experience to judge such things. He had certainly come. He felt the wetness at his groin. Did she know? End of part1... My email-bondjamesbond707@gmail.com


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